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About to buy a Yuneec. need advice

May 25, 2016
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I have been tossing around the idea of a drone for an occasional air shot and have narrowed it down to the q500 or the typhoon H. What is the main feature difference between the two? I want the one that is the easiest to fly overall and has as many "safety" features in it as possible Its purpose is light recreation and occasional photo shots, as I photograph an Autism camp and would like to do two air shots this year. Also, something I read about the typhoon H allowing 2 controllers, one to operate the camera? This would be great with my Autistic Stepson as I could relinquish camera ops to him and let me do basic flight,. His motor skills rule out him flying.it.
So educate me....
I have both and they are both great ships but The h has six motors and can fly with only 5. It also have more fly modes like cable cam and orbit or point of interest so if you can swing the money the H would be my recommendation.
Oh it also takes up less space when stories or traveling
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It also has Obstacle Avoidance to help you stay away from things, after you understand it's operation. Learn before you fly a more expensive drone, is my best advice !
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I find the H a very stable platform for aerial filming. Take the camera off and it is just a blast to fly.
I can not wait to get out some where that I can film more than just farm fields and cows. Some have posted shots of just awesome landscapes you just could not get any other way.
I do not think you would regret getting an H.
I agree Bob. I started with Quads and Hexs bout 4 year ago. The improvement phenomenal, you will be pleased which ever one you get. I have both.
was leaning for the typhoon anyway, like the pre set camera modes. Any input on the dual operator mode?
Will the Typhoon H work with 2 ST16 controllers? one to fly, and one to operate camera?
Or does it have to be a different type of controller? ST12, or ST24?

Perhaps easier to use the ST16 to control flight and the CGO app on a pad to control the camera?

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