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Accuarcy Return Home feature

May 4, 2019
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Dear all,
I am flying an H520 for one year now. Mainly for rescuing baby deers with the CGOET. Beside many issues I had, a somewhat dangerous "feature" is the accuracy of the Auto Return Home. I do have up to 6m!! difference between the point where I started and the point where the H520 is landing with ARH. Even the cheapest GPS China Drone can do this much better, not talking about the accuracy of the Mavic 2 pro, which is in the range of centimeters, not meters. I know that some vendors are even taking a picture when starting to get more accuracy in landing. So why is this so important to me? When I am out in the fields looking for deers I do fly automatically with Map Pilot. The Drone comes (auto) back for changing batteries and continues the mission. A great feature. But finding place with a 10m+ diameter to take off and have a save ARH area in the high grass with bushes and trees around you is nearly impossible. You have to take off a small street or a spot with 4sqm , which would require an accuracy of not more than 1 meter. I mean the H520 is called "professional Drone" but the return home feature is just inacceptable for a drone like that. Therefore, I cannot fly with Map Pilot over areas where more than one battery is required. Because 5m inaccuracy means Drone crashes in a bush or tree. My workaround is to divide big fields into "1 Battery areas" But as you can imagine this cost much more time and is not fun.

So is there any way to improve this? Or is it just the way it is?

Thanks for help and any suggestions

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You need to talk to the Yuneec product engineers to have such a feature added to its repertoire.
If you read the user manual you will find that the RTH function on the H series of aircraft use the GPS location of the ground station to determine where to return to. The landing point will be about 8 meters (the safe distance setting for takeoff and Smart modes) from the ST-16S in a line from which the RTH was initiated.
Yuneec does do a better job of this with its selfie line of aircraft the Breeze and Mantis models. They record the takeoff point of the aircraft and will usually land within 1 meter of it on an RTH.
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