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Advice when flying indoors

Dec 19, 2019
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Salutation, my reason for coming here is to ask for suggestions on flying indoors.

I am trying to record certain areas of my residence outdoors and indoors for a documentary of my neighborhood, and since my budget is limited I recently purchased a used Yuneec Breeze bundle with the controller and goggles. I did browse for help flying indoors with this model, but I read that many users were having trouble flying with the Breeze specifically.

May I ask any users who use the Breeze regularly for your knowledge please? I did read the manual and am aware to disable the GPS and lower the takeoff settings, though does changing the outdoor speed will be also helpful indoors? If this additional information assists, I have practiced outside but want to control the speed and navigation while moving up and down. I express my thanks to any user that can provide feedback.

Screenshot_20200325-234058_Breeze  Cam.jpg
Make sure the area is very well lit so the Optical Flow Sensor can detect movement. Keep the Breeze over the floor! DO NOT fly over furniture as the IR Sensor will cause the Breeze to raise in height by that amount (especially if you have low ceilings). Use the controller and have the max speed settings set to slowest in drone settings. You can adjust speed in post processing of the video. Use the prop guards!!! When using the controller be sure to remember you have to hold Start for three seconds and release to land the Breeze.
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