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Almost New Typhoon H Pro LOTS & LOTS Extras 2200

Dec 20, 2016
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Have to reduce some hobby stuff for other interests I have a typhoon h pro(newest version) with real sense got this one just before Christmas has 2hr flight time and flys excellent and no crashes now this is where it gets good I am ocd so I have to have extra parts and goodies because when I go out I want to fly not wait if something breaks so heres the list 4 batts all have 2 cycles each,2 sets chg leads,venum dual charger,plus stock charger,not one but 2 sets yuneec oem prop protectors and yes they work,extra set props,extra new cgo3+ camera with gimble mount and lens cap,extra landing gear with retract servos(set),aluminum hard case and oem back pack,extra motor and arm,ITE lite DBS extended range antenna not installed yet,extra gps compass module,extra transmitter battery,of course the st-16+ transmitter,extra postioning module,its original sd card,usb dongle for simulator,digital battery quick read gauge,wizard remote,all parts are new, charger bird batts have 2 hrs and have been maintained properunit is flawless 2100 shipped insured 2 boxes is free take paypal credit cards direct with fee and checks with clearing hold have pics of all can send remember all are new or 2hrs use just have to cut down on hobbies gonna retire soon this is a 4000+ package have pics of all will post what I can send email for the rest,Gonna try here first for a few days if does not sell gonna increase price and put on ebay so hit me up if you wanna buy it Thanks,Tim REDUCED TO 2100 BEFORE IT GOES ON EBAY MONDAY OR TUESDAY NIGHT typhoon 001.JPG


  • typhoon 006.JPG
    typhoon 006.JPG
    3.4 MB · Views: 40
  • typhoon 008.JPG
    typhoon 008.JPG
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  • typhoon 009.JPG
    typhoon 009.JPG
    3.3 MB · Views: 36
  • typhoon 005.JPG
    typhoon 005.JPG
    3.2 MB · Views: 31
  • typhoon 023.JPG
    typhoon 023.JPG
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  • typhoon 025.JPG
    typhoon 025.JPG
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  • typhoon 025.JPG
    typhoon 025.JPG
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