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Battery Charging settings for Q500 4k

Jun 19, 2017
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Hi all. I've tried searching here and on Google but the results are seriously mind boggling to try to digest.
Maybe if I just lay out clear questions, I can get a direct answer and my old brain can avoid losing what few cells (no pun intended) it has left. :)

1. I have the stock charger, but I also have a "real" charger. My question is - my charger requires an actual battery plugin as well as the balance plug. The stock charger just apparently does the whole thing via the balance plug, but most r/c chargers, in my experience also require that the battery be plugged in using the actual contact plugs. I say all of this so I can ask where I get a plug pigtail for the yuneec battery pack? I can just keep using the stock charger, but I'd rather be able to check everything with them and balance and store them properly.

2. What settings do you use on them for storage? Charging? I've been given some guidelines, but you guys are actually using the same batteries exactly, so I'd rather hear from you so I can be confident I'm getting the best available information.

I have another question, but I totally forgot what it was right now. See what I mean about the brain cells??

Thanks for any help you might have, folks. I really appreciate it!
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Ha.....relax your mind. This cable should work with your charger. The Q500 connector is an EC3. Amazon.com: Battery Charger Charging Cable: EC3 Male (EC-3) to 4mm Bullet Banana Plugs: Toys & Games

Storage is 3.7 - 3.8 volts per cell.
Charging rate 2.5 to 3.5 amps. I always used 2.5 but I'm in no hurry to charge. Some people even use 4.5 amps.

Thanks Steve, may you be remembered in eternity as a good man, willing to help a guy out with his power delivery questions. :) I totally appreciate it.

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