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Battery for the Typhoon H

Jun 27, 2018
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ok so I have a problem with the yuneec batteries for my typhoon H. the batterys will charge overnight and they will stay warm. but then I go to use one, everything will show fully charged on the controller and on the battery charger. but as soon as I take off seconds into the flight the st 16 controller will start freaking out to land because it thinks the battery is dead. the controller will show the battery as 0% until I land then go back up to 100% has anyone else had this problem. and what do you do to fix it? drain the batterys? i own the charger that lets you drain it to 50% but it doesnt seem to help doing that.
Batteries with that behavior are usually dead. One (or more) cell is defect. The internal resistance is far too high. That means that without load (low current) the voltage seems to be normal but if power is needed (higher current) for the motors the voltage breaks down very fast.
You can see this effect in the flight logs. Voltage chart is a good indication about the aging of the batteries.
Your battery seem as bad as segment 3 in the example:
2021-04-03 23-06-45en.png

br HE
Hmmm ... so I used a RC charger and the drone battery seems to be good. However, when I flew the drone earlier today, the ST16 controller displayed the battery of the drone quickly dropping in voltage.. I almost wasn't able to land it before the RTH feature started. All in a 7 minute session. After I brought the drone in, I checked the battery against the RC charger and it displayed the battery as good?!? Note the attached images. Voltage for each cell, IR for each cell, overall IR, and the V vs Time telemetry. The IR is low which is good. The V is good. So why would the controller display the V dropping from around 90% to 20% in 7 minutes, and then when I checked the battery after, it still showed near 80%? Currently, as I sit here at home, the V of the drone battery remains at 80% (over the last 30 minutes ... granted it sits idle). I am at a lost. Follow up thought. The IR over the individual cells vary quite a bit, although all still low. However, I did note that cell 2 displays 0.0 mO. Maybe that is the culprit?


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@giwplay1 :
Good morning.
How old is that battery?
Did you keep the battery in storage and on a warm environment when not in use?
How long was that you did not give the battery a full cycle of charge /use /storage?
What amount of current do you use during balance charge?
Were you flying with very low ambience temperature?
From the symptoms, it seems battery is reaching his end of life, in sense that it's becoming old and/or has not been properly maintained.
Very strange that there is no reading of IR on one cell...
Voltage measure of the cell, without load, doesn't mean that current that cells can produce is at their maximum capacity.
The OEM battery is a couple of years old. I am assuming bad battery. The drone was my father's. He stopped using it years ago. One of the OEM 2 batteries was bad. It was dead based on multimeter. For the seemingly good battery, I used 5 amps for the charge. Had considered using 10 amps max (saw a video), but chose not (supposedly using 10amps max to charge will cut the charge time by a half). Flying temp was at 60 degrees F. Have any suggestions of a replacement battery without paying exorbitant prices? Very new to this forum and drones. Have watched some videos on how to build your own 4S batteries for the Typhoon H Plus. Still learning.
Considering Ohm's law, V=IR, Neither I nor R can be 0. Short circuit. Bad battery. ****.
May be that batteries were not kept in proper conditions when unused, if regularly maintained batteries can last much more than 2 years...
5 Amps for charge is maximum allowed for OEM capacity, but it's better to charge at 2,5 Amps.
10 Amps??? Absolutely not! Risk of explosion or firing is very high.
The batteries for these birds are very expensive, my suggestion is to contact John @Yuneec Skins here on the forum...
You can also check on it's website: https://yuneecskins.com/yuneec-batteries#6d03d83b-d3fa-4f37-9f13-b6f80542b0bb
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