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beeps and blue lights around the motors

Apr 30, 2024
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Im Rick from Virginia Beach Va. I purchased the chroma drone about 7 or 8 years ago. It worked great inspecting roofs. When that job ended I packed it in original box until a week ago when I have need to do that again.
The batteries were swollen and dead so I ordered new ones and a new small battery for the radio. I was so excited to get it going again. the camera works fine but all the drone does is sit there and emit beeps and blue lights around the motors. Is my drone dead or is there any hope in getting this thing in the air again. God I hope so. I have a small fortune in this bird.
please please help!
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..... the camera works fine but all the drone does is sit there and emit beeps and blue lights around the motors.
The blue lights blinking under the motors just means the drone itself is in the binding mode.

The drone and the camera (video) are two separate binds. They are often done at the same time, but since you say the camera is working it would be easy to assume you have a successful bind to the camera but the drone part either was not done or did not successfully complete.

The link below leads to a detailed binding diagnostic procedure. It is NOT the normal binding guidance. If you have tried to use the normal binding process and it did not work, this diagnostic may help find the issue.

The verification is not just "binding instructions". It is a verification of the MANY hidden clues in the binding process. The purpose is to identify abnormal conditions that are preventing a successful bind and to identify the exact point the binding process is failing. That information can assist in determining the best course to remedy the problem.
You will need to perform every step up to the point the verification does not match what you see. Do not skip any steps. Every step must be performed. Even the steps you have no doubt are already in the correct condition.
After some preparation steps, the verification falls into a routine of directing an action, then verifying the correct response to the action. When you reach a verification step that does not match what you see, or if you are unsure if it matches, STOP. Report the step number back to the forum, and what you actually saw at that step. We can then go from there.

Update: Sorry. I forgot the Chroma came with different options. The guidance above is assuming you are using an ST10 controller and CGo3 camera. Some Chromas came with different receiver/controller/camera. If you do not have ST10/CGo3, please let us know what you have.
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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!

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