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Best Lipo bags for the H?

I have this one ,with 3 compartments inside...7 bucks from aliexpress..maybe more cheaper in another ol store


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I bought some 11 1/2" x 9" from my LHS (Horizon Hobby Distributor). They fit the H battery like a glove. Horizon Hobby ships to Oz., The velcro seal is almost too strong but guess I would rather have it too strong than not strong enough. I can get 3 batteries in each one with room to spare for some smaller packs for my Vortex.
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I use metal ammo cans as noted above. Just got a couple at Costco for $19. Very nice and sturdy and already have a vent hole in them.
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Side question - how and where do you store your lipo batteries for extended periods (i.e. 3-4 months of winter).
I store mine in a disused wood burning stove which is still indoors and still connected to a stainless steel flue liner, the fire was originally left in the room purely as a focal point, whilst they are stored in the fire throughout the year, they are stored individually in quality lipo bags for added security, my theory is should one ever fail it wont take the rest out, to some this might be over the top with safety, but all the time the fire remains in our house this is the way I store them.
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