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Binding Issues 920 with CG04 w ST16 or ST24

Jun 11, 2022
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I have a 920 with and have both the ST24 and ST16 (from another drone). I picked up the CG04 camera and now am trying to run the 920 with CG04 but can’t get things to all bind correctly. I have watched the videos, create a new model, go into bind etc…. I can bind the ST16 with both the drone and camera, but when I go back into the operating screen on the ST16 I have full access to the camera but am not getting any stats from the drone. When I go back to the bind screen, it shows both as bound. When I try to bind the ST24 to this set up I end up with unreliable / partial control of the camera but also no control of the drone.

Anyone have thoughts? Is there some firmware upgrade for the controllers or drone that I need?

The first thing to determine is whether you have the H920 that used the ST24, or the H920+ that uses the ST16. They use different firmware and flight program and are not interchangeable. The CGO4 is also different for the two different 920’s. They cannot be mixed.

Where did you buy the system and how long have you owned it? Has it worked since you first purchased it? If so, has anything occurred since it was last working (crash, hard landing, software or firmware changes, long storage)?
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