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Breeze Cam Clone (App)

finding the variables that store the values of height, distance and speed is not an easy task, that's why I'm saying that the friend took my mod and added some modifications because the values I mentioned Wesleybp didn't find it because he found it he would change the values to another
My appologies to my email. I was incorrect awesome app man. Works fine for me. And yes distances are increased. I working on tripping my battery time and adding a 4g dongle. And upgrading props to some bigger ones. I paid 40 dollars for my breeze so im frankensteining the crap out of it
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I doubt anyone will ever reply but I have a samsung fold 3 and all apk say they are incompatible despite my phone being very. Can anyone help me please
I get 1 to 3 inquires a week regarding the Breeze & Mantis App...

Luckily... I have the DoomMeister to refer them to...;)

It would be nice to consolidate the available Breeze App Topics into 1 single Thread that has the latest Information available... I've sent 1000's of Yuneec Owners to this Forum for Help & Information about their Yuneec Drones. I can imagine how disappointing it is for anyone purchasing a Yuneec Breeze or Mantis Drone, only to find the App is no longer available...
I'm not savvy as to How App's are Developed & Implemented... Maybe 1 of the 27,472+ members of this Forum could offer some incite, or Help on Developing an App for the Breeze & Mantis Drones, as well as the CGO App's...
If I had the time I would learn the processes myself, but that's not going to happen...
I've reached out to Yuneec, offering to Update the Yuneec Apps that are no longer available for IOS & Android... Still awaiting a response...
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