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Calibration Question

Mar 31, 2016
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Another stupid question..
I am calibration my H and what flight mode am I supposed to use?
Smart mode or Angle mode or doesn't it make a difference
This is for Compass and Accelerometer
I did the compass three times before it took.
Second time it showed the green light in Smart mode.
but when I looked at the controller, it was black and did not return to a viewable screen, I had to turn everything off and start all over.
What happens if this happens while flying ?

Short reason for Questions...I just got my H back from Yuneec repair and I want to make sure I am doing everything correctly so I don' t have to return it again and wait another 3 weeks to fly !
The mode doesn't matter. Since you apparently now have a good compass calibration, just leave it that way. No need to keep doing it unless the monitor pops up a message. The accelerometer cal is very important. Set the H on a LEVEL surface, turn it on and don't touch it until the cal is finished. Also, when you launch do the same thing. The H has to be on a level surface to boot up. If it gets moved or is tilted it won't be stable in the air. Hitting the return icon below the screen should return you to the home screen.
Thanks Steve..
You said that to take off the H has to also be on a level surface?
How level?
Are we supposed to take some kind of landing pad and level each time?
What if I take off on a road and land a few feet away,not real level, don't shut down and take off again.
Coming from a Phantom, I can take off on anything slightly level with no problems.
Just trying to learn so I don't crash!

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