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Camera won't connect HELP Fixed

Mar 24, 2016
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My camera keeps saying reconnecting reconnecting. What to do now..... 6th flight the vid is great, stopped it went out to fly an hour later and now this..........hmmm
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Mine did that once yesterday, went into setup and selected camera and it connected right away. Have no idea why that happened.
yep fixed it started to freak out..............had to rebind it........crazy........sorry we can delete this thread if you want.....How are you HarveyC? glad you are flying again.......
You can go to the top and select "thread tools" and edit title to say "fixed!" or something like that
Johnny Cage, mine won't connect either. How did you rebind it. Thanks for your help. Jeff
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Make sure you press and hold power ONE time. Hitting it twice like a Phantom turns the camera off... i had this problem too until i found that out
Now no issues at all...
The camera on mine will not power up; called Yuneec; they had me reattach the gimbal, then power up. There is no sign of life.

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