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CGO wifi with Wizard? Not having any luck

Jun 2, 2016
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So I played with the Wizard today and that works great. But trying to get my Moto X 2015 Android 6.0 smartphone to connect to the CGO WiFi is not working. It connects, says 'no internet', then immediately disconnects and tries again. You can hear the Typhoon H making a noise each time it connects.

I'm guessing its the phone and not the Typhoon causing the disconnect. Anyone know?

Would like to use the CGO+ app to view the camera while using a Wizard
well on Android 5.1 you can select avoid poor wifi, but Android 6.0 does not have that option even with developer enabled. But it seems possible that if I set it to Airplane mode and then enable only WiFi that it might stay connected to the drone since there is no active internet like cellular available. I'll test again
Obviously, you will have very limited video range when using a phone. I presume you are trying the connection while it's still on the ground?
I used an older Moto X 2014 Android 5.1 and it worked perfectly

The use of CGO3 is to see what the camera sees to adjust angle. Wizard places the drone in Watch Me/Follow Me mode so the drone is always within range of the phone! It also lets you take pictures or turn on/off video recording! Actually pretty nice for recording myself cycling, kayaking, hiking, you name it
I havnt been able to find an android device that this app works for. tried samsung tab s2, samsung tab a, kyocera hydro, and lg phones dont even support it.

Cant they make an app thats compatible with all android devices like any other normal app on the play store.

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