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CGOET Camera and Radar

May 26, 2020
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Going to throw these together, since I was noticing them at the same time on my H520 over the weekend.

For the CGOET, I was flying visual only, and only 20 feet from an object with a 16 inch sign in it. I could tell you the color of the paper, but not clue what the sign said. The image on my screen was blocky. It was also only about 15 feet away with no RF interference. I then flew my Typhoon H with its CGO3+ and the image was better, though was still a bit blocky. I haven't looked to see if the actual image files are ok. The reason for this, is I need to be able to see what I am looking at real time, without having to land, download the image, and then look at them on a computer screen.

As far as radar, the H520 has a downward radar doesn't it? Start off with, I didn't have a map loaded, and where I was, cell data was not available, and I hadn't thought about getting the maps ahead of time. I though was doing short flights over an open area that had a slight grade going up, and if I hadn't paid attention, I would have flown right in to the ground. I looked around in the controller, and didn't see anything about keeping a minimum distance from the ground. It also when I flew toward something, even though the hill was going up, it gave me a talking to when it passed 400 feet from where I was standing. Figuring this was due to not having the maps loaded, but wanted to check. The object avoidance was on. I need to see what happens if I get close to a tree trunk, to see if it starts to change direction, and is it possible to set how how close to an object you can get?

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