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Chroma Drone Propeller Ejection Issue - Horizon Denial

Jul 19, 2016
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A warning to anyone thinking of buying a drone.
Do not buy a Chroma drone from Horizon Hobby / Blade. It is a defective product and Horizon Hobby refuses to support their customers.
The drone has an issue where it will sometimes eject a propeller when the motors spin down. This is a problem that was identified by other drone companies and rectified by adding a clip system to the props to ensure they cannot fall off. Horizon Hobby is instead claiming that this problem does not exist and is not supporting customers who encounter the issue.
In my case, instead of repairing my drone under warranty as they should, they offered to sell me a replacement at half price. So their $500 drone destroyed itself and my $500 GoPro due to a design defect, and their answer was to offer me a new drone for $200.
Naturally I told them that their offer was pathetic, that I had been a long time customer, and that I would no longer be dealing with them as well as spreading the word about their pathetic customer support and their unwillingness to support their products.
This drone is dangerous and could fall out of the sky at any moment, potentially injuring bystanders or property. The drone falls at an extreme angle when losing a prop which could present a dangerous situation even if not being flown directly over people or property.
Do not buy this drone! I suggest not buying anything from Horizon Hobby at all.

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