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CRAZY calibration issue, only flashes orange on takeoff

Aug 12, 2016
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First I will say I am extremely frustrated with Yuneec. I have had to send in 2 defective H's a month ago.
One of them would not gain GPS lock and failed the IMU under the GUI. Would not takeoff at all. Sent it in and they repaired it in a week...SUPPOSEDLY repaired.
I was excited to get one of them back and I paid for overnight shipping because I live in Georgia and it takes 5 days to get there via UPS ground... $90 wasted! Why? because when I got it back it had another error:

I immediately out of the box calibrated the compass and accelerometer once received back. I took off for my first flight and noticed the solid blue light flashed orange/ blue consistently ONLY ON TAKEOFF AND WHILE FLYING! When on the ground the LED is solid blue in Angle mode and appears normal. At one point, after calibrating it about 20 times in different locations, I tried it again to see what would happen (Took the risk). My ST-16 vibrated and said to land immediately and perform a compass calibration. Well, I've done that about 20 times, and it states the calibration was successful every time except for once which I was too slow...

I called Yuneec and the tech said it has a bad compass/GPS unit and they will send the part to me overnight so I can replace it myself (which is out of the norm, but I needed one of my H's back).....After 3 business days and very little to no help from customer service as to where my "Overnighted part" is, the part finally shows up. I install the new compass, perform a calibration of the compass and accelerometer. Guess what? SAME THING!!!!

Now they want me to ship it AGAIN to California for them to check it out... WHY THE HECK would they send me an untested unit, then misdiagnose it over the phone, then forget to ship it out, then ship it usps 2nd day air after promising me overnight shipping on a part that will not fix the problem????

Any thoughts as to what the blue and orange flashing lights (Compass error) are ONLY when taking off??? I have GPS lock and all and it passes every calibration procedure.

Jul 16, 2016
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Are you sure it's solid blue on the ground when in angle mode ?
Mine is purple when on the ground in angle mode.

The only time I see any blue is when I'm not connected to the typhoon H.

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