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Dave From MD

Apr 16, 2021
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Decided to go with a Yuneec after flying gas helicopters, electric copters, planes etc. Built a 450 years ago and really liked it, but then went to nitro copters. Looking at the Typhoon as my next bird. Like the battery set up that allows after market swaps. Since I build my own packs, I don’t have to be married to proprietary batteries that are a bear to rebuild. The telemetry of the Yuneec machines seems to be top of the line. The ability to read flight logs on files is another plus. There are a lot of Typhoons on the market, so will an H or the newer version. Doesn’t seem to be anything but a rebrand of the H. Maybe someone on here can help me out. This will[ just be a sport machine I would use around the farm. One other question in regards to a parachute recovery system. Is there one out there that can be used on Typhoons. I suppose a deployment system can be adapted from others.
SO. I went with the H+. Building battery packs at the moment. Have a pile of 3 cells from the planes.. Have all the material and balance plug kit for the rebuild. Wish me luck. Bought the H direct from company. Discounts were good and I just feel better that way if warranty issues come up. I gotten to the point that flying gas heli’s will take a backseat to this new H. Balancing a ping pong ball on the end of a broom handle may be a thing of the past. Although bouncing around with different hobbies has always been my downfall.


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