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Oct 20, 2016
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Atlanta, GA
I am a bit skeptical on this deal listed online. I see that it has a CGO3 (not the 3+) does this mean it's a H 480?
YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel RealSense Technology Bundle includes CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera + YUNEEC Simulator + YUNEEC Wizard Wand + Sandisk 64GB Extreme MicroSDHC Memory Card & More!!!

Other than that I have some questions and I apologize if these have been addressed before:

1. What is the difference between the CGO3 and the 3+?
2. What is the Yuneec Simulater (in the above advertisement)?
2. What is the difference between the H480 and H920?
3. I've seen reference (on Amazon) to a 'Typhoon H UHD'. I'm assuming that an incorrect description by the dealer and they're confusing this with the fact it supports UHD MicroSD cards?
4. I have, I believe, the latest Typhoon H and H Pro. Other than the ST Controller, Is there any difference between the Typhoon H w/Real Sense and the H Pro?
5. Is there a model or part number on the drones themselves that distinguish the two? Both mine say 'Typhoon H' in a couple of spots. There is a long part number sticker-ed on them but they don't translate to anything that's reference-able.

I ask this last question because some of these dealers don't know the answers to even some basic questions that I've asked or they give me false answers (which I've later validated through research). My trust level is not exactly high with them. Additionally, I've seen the same H Pro bundles with a huge price variance and want to make sure my H Pro really is an H Pro (unless the answer to question #4 is, "no difference" other than the ST controller - than both questions 4 and 5 are a moot point).

Thanks in advance!
In essence you know the price breaks for each model so this should give you the clue to actual H being referred to. Many dealers just cut and paste Yuneec promo material.
No one is giving anything away so starting with the 999 approx will be basic advanced H followed by the others accordingly. You know the specs of each model so any dealer can surely confirm what is in the box if not move on.
Dealers don't give you something for nothing and so large differences in price for a particular model don't exist.
The CGO-3 cannot be fit to the H so you can infer they are referencing the CGO-3+.

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First of all thank you Pat and JC for your input.

1. I neglected to mention the price of the above - $414 +$10 shipping. Sounds too good to be true...surely someone on here has some knowledge of this Typhoo H480...I did see some good reviews for it online...most were from July when people were purchasing the H920 which adds to my perplexity. At this price however I wonder if this was a first go at what is now the H920 and possibly there were some major glitches? Does anyone have first hand knowledge of the H480? How does it differ from the H920 (and can you add RS to the H480)? Depending on response this would be a great backup to have (especially since I have another H Pro stuck in the top of a unclimbable tree 50 ft in the air).

2. And yes I understand the price breaks (and btw, the prices are dropping weekly now! ($1395 H pro bundle)), and I'm not thinking I've gotten ripped off for the most part, but this particular dealer has clearly expressed their lack of knowledge (I could give examples but I won't waste your time). I purchased the H Pro bundle at $1500 and the H bundle at $999 but other than the difference in the ST controller and RS they appear to be the same bird. Is there any differences between these two (whether it be existing or future capabilities)? Is there any way to identify between the two?

I should probably re-post my questions in separate threads, I'm kinda new at this and I realize my headline can't really express all of what info I'm asking for.
The H-480 would be a completely different airframe from the 920. The 920 has always been the 920, it was not numerically upgraded from another system. Use the numbers to establish size. The 480 would be 480mm from prop shaft to opposing prop shaft. The 920 is almost twice the size. You'll also find one is a small quad while the other is a large hex.

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Doing a little research I have not been able to find any reference to Yuneec ever making a 480 anything. For me that might indicate the seller didn't know what they were talking about. A big red flag. As for the H-920, if it was priced much lower than $2,995.00 before adding in a camera I would be very wary.
The below link is a from a google search, there are 5 separate links for the H480 on this first search page alone:
typhoon h480 - Google Search

The prices are all over the place to boot!...makes no sense to me, thoroughly confused. My gut is telling me you're correct but it's weird that all these places refer to an H480. In fact one of the links you will see (Amazon link) is sold directly from Yuneec.
The H480 is the Typhoon H and the H920 is the tornado. The Typhoon H has two different models -with or without realsense. Then dealers have different packages where they bundle the simulator USB dongle, batteries and other accessories at a discount. The simulator is a Pc based program to practice flying a Q500 Quad or a Typhoon Hex on a pc.

If you see a price of $999 its most likely the typhoon H without realsense.
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Ok that makes sense, thanks for the clarification.

You bring up something that is very interesting to me: "they bundle the simulator USB dongle that is a computer simulator to practice flying a Q500 Quad or a Typhoon Hex." -Does this have a name? I would be interesting in getting this product as I live in a big city and it's hard for me to find a place within 30 miles that I can get out on a regular basis to practice.
www.crutchfield.com search for YUNSIM

You can search amazon.com with YUNSIM or ebay but $29.99 is the cheapest Ive seen it for unless its a used one. But you need an ST16 to use it, which is the transmitter that comes with the Typhoon H. so you cant use it without having the Typhoon H.
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That link didn't work, got a 404 error. I can go to the crutchfield site...do you have the name of the product?
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Sweet, yeah I have two of the ST-16's (pro versions)...thank you!

I hate to keep bothering you but it appears that this only works for:

Just plug the USB dongle into your Windows® computer and use the drone's remote controller (ST10, ST10+, or ST24) to practice flying. You'll get flight scenarios that respond to your commands in real time. (Crutchfield does have this for $29.95, Amazon and eBay are $39.95)

I do have an ST10+ which fly's pretty much the same but I only have a Mac, iPad unfortunately
Didn't know the 480 was referencing the H. I did a Google search and got nothing about a 480 on the page I looked at.

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Didn't know the 480 was referencing the H. I did a Google search and got nothing about a 480 on the page I looked at.
Pat google H480 and you will.

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Didn't know the 480 was referencing the H. I did a Google search and got nothing about a 480 on the page I looked at.
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Google Typhoon H480 and you will get all kinds of hits. or yyuneec h480.
Got it, thanks. The Typhoon H had been originally advertised as just the H, without the 480 descriptive. The 920 has always been the Tornado and is vastly different from the Typhoon class be they quad or hex. The 920 is much larger, uses different cameras and gimbals, employs the ST-24 instead of an ST-16or ST-10 at the quad levels, different batteries, etc. The 920 is a pro class hex while the 480 and 500's are consumer level. If both were in the same ad with only slightly different pricing I'd high tail it away from the seller. Make your choice based on what you intend to do. Make a living at it? Choose the 920. Have some fun as a hobby or occasional for profit shots? Go with the Typhoon H. Do you need Real Sense and/or IPS? Only you know the answer to that.

The standard H version does all I need it to do. If you don't normally fly indoors and don't typically make it a habit to run into things, Real Sense and IPS end up unused expensive fluff.
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So I was confused about this too. Are the terms Typhoon H and Typhoon H480 interchangeable. I see know demarcation of the box (bought refurbished) and no indication of "480" in the documentation or Yuneec website information on Typhoon H, yet all the ebay listings for parts, props, etc. list H480.

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