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Education-FAA Questions

Jun 11, 2016
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Many many years ago (1994-ish) I took my FAA Private Pilot Exam, just the written Exam. I passed on my first try but one of the reasons I passed was I took a college course on the material and the big secret was because at that time the FAA published a book with all of the test bank questions in it. There was also a small DOS computer like program that had all the questions in in. I would just take question after question until I had it memorized.

Is there anything like that now that is out there?

I have yet to find a simple database program of the questions.

Just trying to get my dusty brain cleaned up as the new Part 107 will have the exam available to folks who have no current certifications.

Just trying to obtain info that is freely available to study and not drop a lot of cash on training resources.
Not that I have seen, the FAA site has study material and pop quizzes available, like section 61 etc. Look them up on FAA.gov/suas
There are many Online study quizzes that are out now from $5 to $299.00, I found that the $5 one has some of the same questions the FAA states will be on the exam, minus alot of weather and VFR Section Chart knowledge questions in it, I purchased one for more $$

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