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*** EXTREME Yuneec Typhoon H Package, $1,100 ***

Jul 16, 2016
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SF Bay Area
Asking Price: $1,100
NOTE: If the ad is still up, the Typhoon H is still available.

Available for sale: Yuneec Typhoon H, with LOTS of extras

While my asking price might appear high to some, once you read all that's included, those reading this will understand what an excellent deal this truly is. Anyone familiar with the Yuneec Typhoon H, as well as current used selling prices, will KNOW this is a great deal...if, that is, you're serious about owning a Typhoon H. Those reading this ad KNOW that, even based on current used selling prices, it is worth several hundred dollars more than what I am asking – based on actual selling prices of USED items, everything in this package is easily worth closer to $2,000. This is NOT based on “estimated” values, but actual eBay selling prices.

With the exception of one battery, everything included is in "like new" condition. As for that one battery, it is the original battery that came with the TH, and it does have a very slight 'puffiness' to it, but it is NOT "mushy" - the pack is as firm as can be, thus it still has more than ‘reasonable’ usable life left in it. ( ***Moderator edit clarification*** The following information in blue colored text is impossible to confirm as there is no way to accurately tell or even estimate the actual life, or how many flights can be obtained by a Typhoon battery new or used. As with all sales you buy this at your own risk. ) I've even had it inspected by someone who deals with drones for a living, and he assured me there's nothing wrong with it, and easily has at least 3 dozen flights-worth of life remaining in it (IF it continues to be well-cared for).

Here's a list of everything included:

1) Typhoon H, with external antenna mod, and waterproofed electronics (does NOT include Intel RealSense module)
2) ST16 controller, converted to ST16+
3) 4Hawks Raptor SR range-extending external antenna (mounts to ST16 with included bracket)
4) CGO3+ camera/gimbal w/ 3.77mm PixAero lens conversion, and waterproofed electronics
5) CGO3+ camera/gimbal w/ 6mm PixAero lens, and waterproofed electronics
6) Yuneec CGO Steady Grip
7) Typhoon H backpack case
8) 3 Yuneec Typhoon H batteries, (2 of them VERY lightly used - 3-4 flights each)
9) 2 UltraX high-capacity Typhoon H batteries (1-2 flights each)
10) PolarPro filters, 3-pack (ND4, ND8, ND16)
11) 2 charging cables for traditional RC chargers
12) 5 extra 'clockwise' propellers (3 in factory-sealed bag)
13) 5 extra 'count-clockwise' propellers (3 in factory-sealed bag)
14) Original box, plus all paperwork
15) All original accessories, including ST16 sun shade, neck strap, and battery charger
16) Yuneec heavy-duty neck strap

Yes, you can easily find the standard Typhoon H used for $700…but, those are typically just the 'basic' package...NO extras...plus they're typically not in the greatest condition (the ones listed for $300-400 are primarily intended to be purchased “for parts only”). What I'm offering is in "like new" condition (not just the Typhoon H, but everything included, other than the one previously-mentioned battery). Based on currently-listed used prices, this package has a value exceeding $2,000 (feel free to check for yourself...I checked the used prices on 6/11/20). For those familiar with the CGO3+ camera, you are probably aware that the original lens consists of plastic elements...the PixAero lenses, on the other hand, are made using high-quality glass elements, thus increasing the value. The second CGO3+ (also with waterproofed electronics) has an even higher-power PixAero lens (also glass elements), thus increasing the package value by a considerable amount. As for the additional batteries, those, alone, are $150 each (new), with slightly used ones costing at least $100 each.

I should also mention that there are two additional items not mentioned in this list – the Wizard controller, and a Yuneec CGO SteadyGrip. These are not included in the above list, nor are the included in the $2,000+ value mentioned above. This is because I seem to have misplaced them (otherwise, my asking price would have been slightly higher). If/when I find them, I will make sure I get them to you…at NO additional cost...and you can just consider it a "bonus". I will keep your contact info, and, if/when I find it at a later date, I will contact you. If you are not in the area, I will even ship it to you…and I'll pay the shipping cost.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not interested in selling, nor will I sell, any items separately. This will be sold ONLY as a "full package deal"...NO exceptions. Additionally, please understand that I am not interested in any trades. I am stating this in the ad, as I have been contacted by several people interested in the Typhoon H, but they were only interested in trading. Finally, I'd prefer local pickup (ie. the greater SF Bay Area), but will ship if necessary. Buyer would be responsible for shipping cost (estimated to possibly be around $100, possibly higher, as shipping would require two fairly large boxes - one containing the TH & original accessories, in original box; the other containing the backpack, second CGO3+. and all additional accessories).

Again, the asking price is $1,100. I am slightly "flexible" on the seeking price, but not by a huge amount (especially considering the package contains two CGO3+, one of which is almost brand-new). If interested and/or if you have any questions, please post in the thread, as well as send a PM. All reasonable offers will receive a reply...although, please, understand that “lowball offers” WILL be ignored. Those making “lowball offers” know they are doing so, and, as such, do not flag this ad if you don’t receive a reply. Again, all REASONABLE offers will receive replies.
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