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First Flight. My thoughts.

Jul 7, 2016
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Got my H this past Friday. I'm so happy I didn't let all the negativity out there get to me. This thing flew like butter and had ZERO issues. Granted I am flying on the most updated firmware. The copter connected within 30 seconds. I tested in a hovering position 300 feet up and it kept its position perfectly. Almost no variation. Camera is perfect. I went out about 2k feet. No issues.

Happy happy customer. Don't let the negative trolls get to you people :)
Happy to hear it. Keep testing, fly, fly fly. Did I say keep testing? And don't get complacent.
You have a great attitude.
Glad to hear you had a good flight, it's a great drone and if you are not use to other drones then your not going to miss how they do it. There are some issues that need to be addressed but it does look like Yuneec is working through them. Anyway just keep flying and have fun, be safe.
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Got mine on Thursday and love it. Like you said worked perfectly but... returning it. Got it through Amazon so no problem have it packed and ready to ship tomorrow. Based on what I want will wait a little longer and get the Pro version. In the meantime I have two Solo's that I really like but GPS is not nearly as good as the Typhoon H and looking forward to the obstacle avoidance system with the RealSense
Ha I also got. Mine on Friday and like you I totally love it, so glad I chose this one too, happy flying

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It is a great machine that will keep getting better. The design is great and the camera is very workable.
There are dislikers but what can you really say. People will be more loud about complaints than kudos. Mine works as I was expecting and actually even better, and the camera quality was no surprise either. Actually I didn't think the gimbal would be as good as it is. Yuneec seem to have mastered the horizon drift issues even in fast and dynamic flight.
A very good next step for Yuneec......it is competitive out there.
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