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FOR SALE: Yuneec Typhoon H with LOTS of extras

Jul 16, 2016
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SF Bay Area
DISCLOSURE:. I'm currently not listing an asking price, but I am accepting offers. In typing this, while the coronavirus matter is in "full swing", I'm visiting family 500+ miles from home (SF Bay Area). I believe I've listed everything, but, in all honesty, I'm not 100% certain...there is the possibility that I've forgotten to list some items. Upon returning home, I will accurately evaluate everything, and will attempt to come up with an asking price. In the meantime, I'm getting the ad posted, and am willing to accept offers, based on what I do have listed. I've been "on the fence" about selling for the past few months, so, as of right now, I do not have any photos. However, I will take, and upload, photos once I am home.

The following list should give a very good idea of what I've got:

1) Typhoon H in (like new' condition), with external antenna modification, does NOT include Intel RealSense
2) ST16 controller, converted to ST16+
3) 4Hawks Raptor SR range-extending external antenna (mounts to ST16 with included bracket)
4) CGO3+ camera/gimbal w/ 3.77mm Pixaero lens, waterproofed board
5) CGO3+ camera/gimbal w/ 6mm Pixaero lens, waterproofed board
6) Yuneec Wizard (never used)
7) Yuneec CGO Steady Grip
8) Typhoon H backpack case
9) 4 Yuneec Typhoon H batteries, lightly used
10) 2 UltraX high-capacity Typhoon H batteries, used 1-2 times
11) PolarPro filters, 3-pack (it might actually be the 6-pack)
12) 2 charging cables for traditional RC chargers
13) 6-pack of spare propellers
14) Original box, plus all paperwork
15) All original accessories, including ST16 sun shade & neckstrap

As I said, there is the possibility of a few items missing from this list, but it gives an excellent idea as to how extensive the package is. With the original camera's lens being upgraded (glass elements, compared to the original len's plastic elements) & waterproofed, that increases value. Having a second camera, also waterproofed, with an even higher-power lens (also glass elements), would be another value increase.

NOTE: I am not interested in selling, nor will I sell, any items separately. This will be sold ONLY as a "full package deal"...NO exceptions.

If interested, please send a PM, and include your offer amount. The offer would not include shipping, as shipping cost would need to be determined. If your interest is serious (ie. you're 99.9% certain you'll purchase), please include the shipping ZIP-code, so that I can determine shipping cost. The purchaser can, if he/she chooses, dictate your shipping carrier of choice. Just understand that, considering the size & number of items involved, shipping would require two boxes. If the purchaser is somewhat close to the SF Bay Area, in-person pickup (at a "safe" location) can be arranged.
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