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For You Dashware Users

Oct 11, 2015
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So if you have not noticed or if your one of the lucky ones that have not taken the latest updates in Window 10 that made Dashware stop showing the video you just added to your project you will need to move on and start using a alternative program. Dashware was supported by GoPro but they stopped updating it a couple of years ago so as windows 10 updates dashware got left behind.

So I search google and came up with a pretty good alternative. Its called RaceRender.
RaceRender LLC | Video+Data Products

The freeware version is not as good as the dashware but it will do the trick. I ended up buying the full program, thats two programs that I have paid for in ten years so I guess I was due. :)

The program is not that hard to figure out if you have used dashware in the past. You can make custom gauges and link them to your telemetry file for the video. There is for sure a learning curve but its not a long one. The nice part about this program it handle 4K video where Dashware would not.

Here is my first attempt at using the program. The video and telemetry I used was not the best for sync. The quad was already up in the air before I started my video so trying to sync data to to the video was pretty hard. It might be off a few seconds but you get the picture of what its all about. :)


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