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FPV screen that works

Jun 26, 2016
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Hi all,

I know some people have had issues with finding a screen that works with the ST-16 in the past. For some time it put me off getting an additional screen, or at least investing much money in one. Anyway, I thought I'd give you a heads up that I've recently been using one successfully.

Some of you will have seen the Skylark FPV screens around for a few years now. They were all far too expensive for me (£300 plus). One popped up on ebay at a reasonable price so I thought I'd just go for it. It's in a "peli style" case so seems pretty well protected. The insides all seem well designed, with a volt-meter, interchangeable receiver and storage space for aerials/batteries. Simple on/off switch and on button. It's set up to receive 5.8ghz but will also take an HDMI from the ST-16.

Performance wise I'd say the screen isn't quite as clear as the ST16, and requires a bit of tweaking of settings to get a similar colour match between the two. This isn't the end of the world if it's going to be used as a second screen for a client during inspection jobs, but could raise some questions if more creative work is being undertaken. For a quick, portable solution though it is excellent. I'm always a bit paranoid about expensive kit getting damaged too, so the fact that it is in a tough case is fantastic. It is very bright, so no problems on sunny days. I actually used it with my back to the sun, so basically in the worst situation for glare, but it wasn't a problem at all! Next step is to mount it on a tripod....

Have put pics and an article here: Affordable Aerial Photography, Filming and Inspection using Drones

I've also created a DIY 17" (i think...) screen which gives amazing views. Will let you have a look at that when it's a bit further down the line.

Anyway, hope that's of help to some of you who might be looking for a screen.

PS, think the screen is 10. something inches, so just slightly bigger than the ST-16
Jul 15, 2016
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Good stuff m8, I have been looking at the black pearl monitor and another was not impressed by either, this does look better, and might be ideal to stick it on a table for a customer,. Also be interested to see. You 17"solution
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