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H camera compatible with Typhoon G Proaction Steadygrip?

Jan 18, 2016
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From what I read, the H is coming with a CGO3+ camera. I know that the CGO2 through the CGO 3 are compatible with the Typhoon G Steadygrip. But does anyone know if it is compatible with the H's new camera. I understand the H is not being shipped with the Steadygrip so I'd like to pick one up cheap if it will work. Right now on fleabay, there are some CGO2 and CGO3 compatibles going for under $30.
Saw a YT video from Ces, and I recall that the Yuneec rep said that the Cgo3+ won't be immediately compatible with the grip, but that a future firmware update will resolve that. Of course, people say a lot of things... Sorry, can't remember the link.
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Depends if the CGO3 + camera has the old pig tail connection or new style "slide to connect"
Until people get these delivered, its a guessing game.
Wait to buy the steadygrip. And be sure to purchase the correct version when picking one up from fleabay. ...hope this helps:)
Will the CGO3 work with the G body? Crashed my Q500 4K and need a cheaper way than buying a new drone.
Theoretically it should....the video transmitter seems to be in the round cgo3 camera body housing. I'm guessing and could be wrong...but both the G and the 4K only have three wires going thru the pig tail connection to the gimble assembly...positive power...negative ground...and gimble tilt.
You could buy the G version, sell the gopro gimble and mk58 video transmitter then just slide the CGO3 onto the rail mount on the front of the G version.
You would have to rebind the transmitter to the correct settings for the new setup depending on which transmitter that you would use with the reconfigured G version.
The reason im speculating that this would work is because my G version has a video wire that has to come out of the gopro into the external video transmitter that you have to sticky tape on the belly of the G version....check out the latest videos on binding the CGO3, and you'll need the correct camera password to get it to connect. I have one highly modified st10 +
That I can fly my G version or 4K version typhoon with the same transmitter. ....just need to go thru the setup screens for the corresponding bird....I even achieved this with a blade CHROMA and my typhoon q500 4K camera....just had to buy and install a $50 rc control module to put into the chroma body....
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i know this is an old thread, but i just got a Steadygrip G, to use with my CGo3+ from my H which i crashed the other day.
the gimbal works but i cant get it to connect to my phone, the CGO3 wifi doesnt appear in my phone...where is the problem; the grip, the camera or my phone. (my camera wasnt attached to the H when it crashed (thankfully) and that was working fine before)

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