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h850 RTK and Pix4D

May 12, 2023
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I'm h850 RTK user with e90X camera. After loading pictures to Agisoft or Pix4D, and "read accuracy form Exif file" accuracy shown in software is 1-2m.
RTK configured and working. All green during flight.
Is there any button in controller wich should be pressed before flight to record RTK positions into Exif file?
Seems that surveyors are not using h850 :)
Short update - case tested on 3units. With all 3 the same problem occurs - no info about RTK position. Even no raw data to postprocess it later. Will keep topic updated, mayby someone in the future will have similar problem.
You can use a log file of the RTK if it exists and post-process the EXIF to add accurate values in the GPS position or just add new fields with values. Something like this was done by @h-elsner for H480. Go in contact with him, I think he will help you if the hardware allows this.
Thx Valkin,
Problem is, that there is no raw data to postprocess. All settings checked and should be ok, I have RTK position in aplication shown, but it is not stored anywhere. I'm in contact with polish Yuneec support and I know that not only me has such problem.
Did you know and check all possible log files? I can't help more concrete, because I have not this bird.
I have a H850 RTK, but unfortunately I do not know anything about RTK.
Ask Yuneec Europe an in Kaltenkirchen.
Best regards, Enrico
BTW, please upload one picture here as a compressed file (zip, rar, 7z, etc.). I would like to take a look at the file. Please don't try to process it before the compression. Just as is from the camera card.

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