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Hello from Belgium

Nov 24, 2020
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Hello, I bought a Q500 4K in 2016. I have now more free time and finally enjoy this nice toy ! I'm living on the north sea coast. The good thing is that there's lot of uninhabitated space (dunes) around me. The bad thing is that and there much more wind here than inside the country :(
I'm using this drone for fun only. No Professional neither commercial use !!
I've never been a "joystick child" and I try to fly the drone as often possible to exercise and become a good pilot ;) . I'm living in a nice region and taking pictures of the sandy lanscape is always a real pleasure.
To be complete, I am a 63 years young kid, enjoying life as much as possible!
Greetings to all from Belgium.
Welcome to YuneecPilots!

I have you by a couple of years and I’m still a kid!
Dag drone vriend aan de noordzee kust .....ik ben al reeds jaren drone piloot met een yuneec typhoonh pro ook aan de kust....OOSTENDE..groeten GERARD
Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
I will always love the q500 Because it was my first real drone. No phone, an rc that is cool and at my age I can see it clearly flying over my head taking videos of everything except my head. Plus it's fun just to look at and not foldable. Yeah, I know that's the way to go now but I will take a real craft any day. It also looks awesome!!!

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