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Help on H batteries...!

Mar 24, 2016
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Melbourne, Australia
Can I get a picture of the battery situation with you flyers out there please.
It's doing my head in here... For the last 2 weeks my hobby store has been telling me "end of the month". I checked with my contact at the importers today, he told me they haven't even been sent out to Australia yet!
Rapidly getting p'd off here. 1 battery for almost 5 weeks now.
I hear the UK is/was awash with them, seems to be plenty in the USA....
Price UK about 110GBP and US about $139... Is that right?
Does anyone know of any better price around and if they would ship to Oz?
I understand Carolina Drones shipped here with no problems.
I had 2 on order with Adorama a couple of weeks back, (at $84 each) but they couldn't deliver with regular carriers so I cancelled thinking they would be arriving here soon. Bad decision on both counts.
Any suggestions please?
PS, that goes for props too.
From what I understand, Adorama, Carolina Dronz, Terrestrial Imaging have batteries. Do they ship to Oz?.....no clue. My LHS got some from Horizon Hobbies but they may be out now, dont know for sure.
Chris, use hopshopgo.com $28 shipping for two batteries to Australia.
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