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Hi from North Yorkshire, UK

Jun 19, 2016
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Hey guys,

I just found this forum when looking for a solution to a problem I'm having with my Typhoon G gimbal.

Thought I'd better say Hi properly.

I've been into RC flying for about 8 years now. I started with Helis, but really couldn't get the hang of them. Whilst beavering away in the heli flight sims to get better, I tried my hand at the plank models and realised just how easy they are to fly. So I ended up building a few of my own scratch build planes, eventually moved on to manufactured foamies and then onto FPV.

FPV forums led me back towards the rotary side of the hobby, most importantly multirotors. I have built between 15-20 quadcopters ranging from very basic ones using the KK5.5e boards (no accelerometers just gyros) through multiwii, KK2.0, NAZE32 and NAZA controlled quads.

I've owned a DJI Phantom and once I flew that a few times I knew I'd never go back to self build quads again.

I had to sell the phantom a while back, but recently decided I wanted to get back into making youtube videos using a stabilised gimbal on a quad. I already have a GoPro 3 Black so naturally the obvious choice was the Typhoon G.

Here's my first video from the Typhoon G (when the gimbal was working properly :( )


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