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How's this for drone footage?

....and lucky.

The manufacturer of that equipment should use some of that footage in their ad campaigns. The driver wasn't hurt. That's a once in a lifetime shot.
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Wow, was this planned over a liquid lunch? Those guys are morons! Glad someone caught all that stupidity on video! :D
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It has all been said before me but all I can say is that it would never have been allowed in Australia.
Great aerial footage and the pilot I think saw it coming.
If something serious did happen to the operator (god forbid) I believe the footage would have been used
in an investigation so another plus for drones.
Great video but who ever allow the tower to be dropped like that should be in jail or forking over $$$ to OSHA. This was someone being cheap and didn't want to hire the proper contractor. I don't mean to rant but I used to be a operator. I have seen similar videos at OSHA training with not so good out comes.

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