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Is altitude adjusted for?

Jun 9, 2019
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Maybe I'm not saying this right, but is altitude adjusted as you fly? I flew at a new location the other day & took off from the entry of a park that was down by the road. The park however took over a hill. As I flew I noticed that my altimeter would say I was at 60' when it looked to be half that. At one point in my video it looks like I'm about to cut the lawn with my blades & it said I was like 15' off the ground. Does it get it's altitude from where it takes off from or does it somehow have a reading of it as it flies over different terrain? In other words, if you take off at the top of a 100' cliff & go up 20' will it change to 120' as you fly over the cliff's edge? Just curious. Got a little freaked out. Thanks!
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Jul 6, 2018
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The barometer that controls the reported altitude is not looking at or aware of the ground at all.
So it has nothing to do with the ground you are flying over now, and if you fly off the edge a cliff that will make no difference to your reading, which starts, remains and finishes showing you the altitude you are at now compared to the ground wherever you took off from. The 400 ft limit is also calculated based on this point.

Not only that, but sometimes it is rather inaccurate, and susceptible to changes in air pressure and temperature that will make its readings fluctuate (within reason). We don't need it to be that accurate, so any reading that is correct to within a few meters or so is good enough. However, you should always watch the altitude reading when you first start the motors - some TH's occasionally do a thing where the altitude will rapidly change once motors are started, and end up about 50 ft wrong before you even take off. THAT situation may well lead to problems later in the flight, so if you notice it happening, the answer is to cut motors, wait a second, and start them again, at which point it usually resets, then stays relatively stable.

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