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Landing tilt over

Jul 16, 2016
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Been flying my new H while waiting for first one to come back from repair.
8 successful flights no issue
today on landing it tilted on side and wanted to skid across pavement , tore up a few blades before I could kill motors.
Now I landed in a different spot than where I took off, elevation not much different.
Any ideas on why??
I Have done that once myself what was the wind when you were flying. I think the wind got mine and tipped it over.
Many many moons ago when I got my first Phantom it tipped over on its very first landing after the first flight. It was mainly down to my lack of experience...bit of wind...uneven surface. Fortunately, with it being one of my first flights ever with a multi rotor I had installed prop guards so no damage done. I've long since discarded the prop guards because, overall, I found them to cause more issues than they solved...but that first time they saved the day.
I have not broken so much as prop in last 2 years! Many flights with my fleet of Drones, 12 to be exact.
No wind, no twitchy thumbs just strange behavior from H.
One H falls out of sky on first flight this one decides to skip across drive way on its own, 3 motors feathered 3 would not hence sideways tilt and slide.
Just me or is there some bad karma with these H's?
Cut the power over grass when it is 1 to 2 feet up. Let it drop.
Will not hurt it.
I do this with my Typhoon G when it looks like landing will tip over.
Bad karma or to soon to market. I think they should have released it with better firmware and some kind of Map / way point built in to the ST16 its basically an android.. Not that I dislike the H or Yuneec I just think they could have waited. But like any technology we are the Guinea Pigs.

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