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Looking for a Yuneec Q500 UAV Pilot Simulator USB Dongle

Try later, there may be an issue with the server that hosts his site. It is usually very reliable.
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We had a one day internet drop out. After that the dynamic DNS didn't came up. I did not recognize that. Sorry.
Now it should work.

br HE
Knew it was a server issue of some type.
I was finally able to get a ZigBee CC2531 clone of the Yunsim USB dongle working using an old Raspberry Pi 2 with the instructions in the 'PDF' mentioned above. The only issues I had was that the latest Raspberry Pi OS did not contain the 'wiringpi' package and I had to use the 'legacy' Raspberry Pi OS to get the 'wiringpi' package. Once connected, I also had to to use the Raspi3 connections in the 'PDF' instead of the Raspi2 connections for the CC2531 to communicate with the Raspberry Pi. Your mileage may vary. Enjoy

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