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Looking for Dampers or Alternatives

May 29, 2020
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Good day to you.

I have a Q500 4K that I had a *ahem* hard landing and I lost one of my rubber dampers on the gimbal mount. I have started to look online for replacements but I am not finding them anywhere. Everyone that I’ve tried is either sold out or they're listed as discontinued. Didn't know if this was because of the pandemic or if they are just not available anymore. Anyone know if they are not being made or are just out of stock everywhere?

Alternatively, how would I fix my gimbal without the stock damper? I’ve seen some others online but they all are either too short or too wide. Any DIY fixes?

Thank you. Attached is a picture of the damper I’m referring to.


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Yuneekskins got them, and ask about his dampener retaining pin replacement up-grade
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Absolutely in mine, lol.
Where you kidding ? I got a bag with some with my H+ , is why I said that ? Just looked again to make sure I wasnt dreaming, and there they were. It's a good idea to stock up on parts when available, this way you have them when in need.
Great! Thank you! I didn't know about Yuneecskins. I'll check them out there.

@Merlin274 : I checked Carolina Drones and they were out and have been for a couple of weeks. They may get them back in, but with other sites saying "Discontinued" I wasn't sure if they would.

@johnnyb57 : No, mine did not come with extra, that I remember. I know I don't have any now.

@Calvin : Thanks! I will.

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