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Lost mantis q

Nov 30, 2020
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This is for a mantis Q.

Had a fly away or could have been an flown out of range/ lost home point/ unseen disconnect from the transmitter I traced the log using the app and where it says it had went down it was not where it was 😦 I will attach the logs. if it's possible for somebody else to take the time to decipher the data more in depth and if possible give me a little more information based on what was found where it could best possibly be.
Backstory what happened was I had it flying above my head I had moved the transmitter and it lost connection with my phone and disabled my ability to see where exactly it was. This also glitched the transmitter to disconnect from the drone and transmitter acted as if it was still disconnected from drone but according to the flight log it looked like I had controlled it the whole time to where it went out of range.

Has anybody successfully recover their equipment using the flight log? How close was it to where it actually said it was compared to where the map says it was? I'm not sure how to decipher the extra data that comes in the flight log that is visible on screen if possible anybody with more experience using the app can decipher it for me and let me know it's last events whether it landed due to a run out battery or some other more damaging event happened in any hints to anywhere else I should be looking that it could have landed itself, does the sensors underneath the craft steer away from obstacles in the way of it landing I'm not exactly sure how that system works or it's programmed to anyway. Any help will be appreciated I miss flying. And quite disappointed I have not found it yet as it happen to me (glitch disconnect) before and got lucky enough for it to automatically return home and land on my hood of my vehicle unnoticed. It definitely wasn't where the flight log said it was as it must have flown over me while I was walking to look for it at its last known location. I posted the three flight logs from the time period of it going missing I traced and tracked the one that wound up being on top of the warehouse in the industrial park next to my neighborhood had somebody from that building go up on the roof looking for it with no success and I walked around that whole area and corner of the building without seeing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated link to flight logs

Sorry if the link needs to be copy and pasted but the button for the forum did not allow me to use it.

Thanks again in advance

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