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Makes my Talons hurt!

Was on GMA this morning and being discussed numerous sites. Lets see what happens when the drone is outside and moving. Or a bigger drone with carbon blades
If hitting a police dog is considered assaulting an officer, what would be the penalty for cutting an officers legs off?!
I think almost any quad would cut through those eagle legs, even without carbon fiber props. This is just a bad idea all around.
this is cruel and inhumane use of an animal. My drone could kill an eagle easily. This little drone does not have anywhere near the prop speed or diameter to chop an Eagles legs off, but my thirteen inch blades could chop that bird up. No way the eagle would have picked my drone out of the sky without lethal harm to it. Any drone capable of carrying a camera and large battery would be deadly.
Just to be clear, I only posted this because it was interesting. Certainly I was not advocating this or anything similar.

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