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Mamore Mountains, Scotland - Second Typhoon G Flight

Jun 5, 2016
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On my YT channel I record my trips and adventures out in Scotland and wanted to add a new perspective to my films. So got myself a Typhoon G so I could use it with my Hero 4 Black blogging camera as I also like to film in 4K all the time. New to drones and the forum so hope you don't mind me jumping in with both feet and posting a film.

What I do like is that I can modify easily to remove legs and carry's well on my rucksack by using my ice axe loops. However I wish it had orbit mode and a few other things like that. Might need to get the wizard wand but not sure.

Not a great deal of footage as it was only my second flight ever with it, although i did fly RC Copters in my youth.

Decided to try and get to the top of as many of the Eastern Mamore mountain summits in Scotland as I could in one day. Was also looking forward to having another overnight wild camp.

The total of this walk ended up around 25km and around 2100m of ascent. This doesn’t include all the ups and downs taken to film the trip, as this was my most ambitious film to date due to the terrain and distances needing to be covered.

However the weather was stunning and made up for all the sweat, thirst and pain as you will see in the footage. It has made for a very memorable trip and look forward to getting back and doing more in the area.

Would recommend watching the whole trip just due to some of the amazing scenery I captured not just with the drone near the end.


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