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My Breeze Review

Discussion in 'Breeze Discussion' started by Cbo, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Cbo


    Oct 4, 2016
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    Got my Breeze the other day :) I bought it for mainly indoor use and although I like the unit, it takes some getting used to. I wish a controller was optional as I have found that controlling on a touchscreen is difficult. I also found that the unit will climb as you move over objects like it's trying to maintain a minimum elevation. For example, if you are flying 4' off of the floor and you move over a coffee table, the Breeze seems to climb. This is awesome for flying up stairs. For indoor use, you must turn off GPS or it will drift. Also, turn down the sensitivity for controls and set your max elevation so you don't hit the ceiling. One of the most important things I found was you should TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS for your device. If a text message comes in while flying, you will temporarily lose controls. You also need to be sure there is enough light for the flow control to work properly or you will get an alert, and the unit will drift.

    For outdoor use, It is VERY stable. I have learned that you should return to home and land after the first battery warning message. My unit consistently jumps from 14% to 4% very quickly. The Breeze will land wherever it is when it reaches 4%. Keep it close to you as the flight time is only around 10 minutes.

    The camera, it's pretty good, nothing like the CGO3, more like a high-end cell phone picture and the stabilized 1080 video is very nice. There is no gimbal, just tilt so the stabilization is performed "on the fly" and is software based in the unit. The camera takes the 4K video and stabilizes it down to 1080. So far daytime, outdoor video seems good, low light indoor or evening footage is grainy, see examples.

    The app works well and is easy but you have to get used to bouncing between screens to change settings. This makes me nervous when the Breeze is in the air. For example, you can not start video recording until the Breeze is in the air. To start recording or take pictures, you have to switch to the camera screen which takes the flight controls away. To change the video quality you have to back out of the controls and go into settings which is a few screens away. It can also get confusing when you switch between flight modes while the Breeze is in the air. I would love to see a simple physical controller that allows for precision control with video and camera controls. Also, you should be able to switch between flight modes without having to accept terms and such. There is no removable memory, only 16GB internal memory so you have to connect the unit via USB or you can download the pictures and video to your mobile device. When you plug in the USB cable, the receiving plug moves a bit as its not attached to the air-frame, which initially made me think I broke it.

    The battery charging takes between 40 and 70 minutes. I may need to get a few more batteries although 20 minutes of flight time for selfies and such should be enough with the two batteries that are included. The Breeze does include a nice hard case but there are no handles and its quite smooth. Easy to fit in a backpack for sure. Would like to have a handle and maybe some grip material though. The case is hard to snap closed but once its closed, it is very hard to open so I don't expect it to open itself inside a backpack. The prop guards are actually very brittle, it surprised me how easily one of mine broke. I glued it back together so it still works. Also, the feet are removable by twisting.

    Overall, its a great little camera drone which is good for selfies and simple shots. To use for commercial use, I would like to see a streamlined control mode in the app and the option for a dedicated controller. Also, a gimbal would be nice so you can get 4K video that is stabilized.

    I accidentally opened up the unit when I was playing with the battery compartment. I found that the plastic popped open revealing the insides very easily. I was able to take some pictures, see attached. It appears to have everything on one board including the speed controllers, flow camera, IR elevation unit, and main camera. Looks like there are antennas on both front arms and the GPS antenna is on the top. The board is attached to the air-frame with dampeners. This is why the insides move when you try to plug in the USB cable.

    Let me know if there are questions :)

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  2. Angel

    Sep 15, 2016
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    Thank you for the nice review!
  3. MIBA

    Oct 18, 2016
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    The indoor flying get a lot more difficult than I expected. The quality of the rooms' lights alters the infra red of the drone and it rifted many times (always to the right) just after the error message was sent.
    Yes any furniture that is flied over changes the altitude and anticipating is sometimes impossible.
    Is there a way you may disable sonar and infra red when flying indoor ?
    These in fact do not bring a real benefit in narrow places where the propellers wind overrides the performances of the indoor positioning system.
    Any comment really welcome..
  4. BobW55

    BobW55 Moderator
    Staff Member

    May 10, 2016
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    Melvin Michigan, In the thumb
    Very nice subjective review. Really appreciate the interior view pictures.
    Hopefully others will do the same.
    You guys that have the Breeze should have some sort of selfy contest.
  5. ChipB

    Oct 10, 2016
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    Kingsport, TN
    really nice review!
  6. Copterbill

    Sep 12, 2016
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    Yuneec is working on a game controller. I used one with my ar drone way back, a 60 beat. I flew indoors yesterday, i was impressed. Checking my logs, it says i flew 17 minutes on 1 battery. Or is this the time it is connected to my phone?
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  7. Marnix Verschraegen

    Mar 9, 2016
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    Can't you use a PS3 Gamepad to commad the Breeze as some of us did with the Parrot Bebop 1 and 2.

    Look here

    Also is it not possible to use a wifi repeater to enlarge the flight distance

    look here

    Can someone try it with a PS3 Gamepad if it works ?