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My dealer said no H until the 13th?

That seems about what I was hoping for at this point, maybe, if I'm lucky, ACES can pick up inventory on Monday and ship to me that day or the following and I could get on Wednesday or Thursday, the 11th or 12th....if I'm lucky.
My dealer has told me the same date, May 13th he will be getting his pre-orders. He then added, 'he'll believe when he sees it!';)
They are in USA,
You all realize that is "Friday the 13th" LOL ! If you get it, you might want to wait a day to fly it!.
Just messing with ya, I am not superstitious, just jealous!
That's been one of my lucky numbers D.C.,Maybe I might win that coolie bet.
I'm in Canada, but ordered via B&H, so I will add in few extra days for cross border shipping. My crystal ball & rabbit's foot as well as the crazy tinfoil hat lady down the street says delivery to me should be sometime... before winter. :)
my dealer originally said they were getting it first week of may. the other day he said they were told next week, so this coming week.
i don't like it or agree but what else you gonna do. some people thinking of canceling but at this point might as well wait. i think it'll be
real soon. starting to see reviews from people in the UK

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