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Narragansett, Rhode Island

So diversified, you can find rocky shorelines, sandy beaches, salt flats, estuaries, just about anything.
Dude, you really fly that thing (was it an H?). Also very curious about the editing tool you used post-flight...very clear, professional looking.
Not an "H" this time but the Typhoon 500 4K. I do have both models.

I have complete faith flying this model. In this case, the bird was 4,000 feet away. Not sure if that's the limit distance with this model, but over water and flat landscapes, the signals may be stronger less interrupted by physical objects.

The colors on this video was amazing that day. If you can find conditions where there is less white, less extreme contrast, the camera sensors function better, since you get average metering over the entire frame. After awhile, you figure out what light conditions work best with this type of camera sensors. Large white areas and white balancing are problematic with digital cameras. In this case the video was filmed about 11:00 with the sun directly overhead produced a great exposure.

This video was edited with simple Live Movie Maker you get with most computer programs.
Thanks for your comments.
I am from the Midwest and have never been to Rhode Island. I had no idea it was so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this beautiful footage.

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