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ND Filter

Apr 20, 2016
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Gateway to Cape Cod
Ok, so I didnt really know where to put this I apologize if its not in the correct forum.

I keep hearing all these questions about whether or not someone used an ND filter when they shot video xyz. I dint know what an ND filter was so I looked for examples and saw that it "balances" out the light waves. In the examples I looked at I began to scratch my head because the comparisons looked like someone took a 4K picture and turned it into 1080p.

So, why would you want to buy a unit that is more expensive because it shoots 4K video and then put a filter on it that takes away that 4K definition?

<shakes head and scratches at the same time>
The ND filter doesn't change the resolution or affect it in any way. An ND filter can be used to remove intense light from the sun, or intense reflections from water and other shiny objects. Most cameras can't shoot into the sun without making everything else very dark, so an ND filter can be use to darken bright objects so you can see everything else better.

This video is a good overview and comparison. You'll notice that quality is not affected, and if anything is improved with an ND filter.


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