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New to the forum from NE Tn

Feb 21, 2016
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Hello everyone , just found this forum and looking forward to spending time here. Currently have a couple of syma UAV s at the moment. I have been researching on what the next UAV should be and I decided it will be either the Q500+ or the k series. Most likely Q500k,

I am sure I will be able to get some great information here.


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Welcome Air One, I too have a Syma that I'm learning to fly. Will have to wait for a few months to be able to afford a real quad.
It's been just over 4 weeks that one of my Syma X5SW was caught in a pop of gust of wind and decided to come to rest in one of my trees at home, of course the tallest one. It has been covered with snow, ice, a lot of cold rain and wind.

There was another one of our very nasty nights last night here in east TN. with more of the snow, ice, cold rain and wind. However with some stronger winds that came through I noticed when I looked out this morning that the Syma was now on the ground. Soaked with rain and sections with ice on it I took it in let the ice melt and cleaned it up.

Now for the moment of truth, will it still work, stuck a fresh battery in it and off flying. I must say I was very much surprised that a low cost starter UAV was this durable. This was my first one purchased after reading through Alan's suggestions on starter units and this was one of them , good call.

So anyone wanting a very inexpensive unit to start out with that know doubt will take a beating I would suggest looking at this one.

I am still on the fence on deciding on the Yuneec Q500K or waiting a bit to see what DJI is about to announce, will see
I agree on the toughness of those Syma quads. Thats what I'm learning to fly on, and have beat the piss out of it. Crashing it inside when the weather was to snowy or too windy.
Hello everyone , just found this forum and looking forward to spending time here.
Welcome to the hobby! You will, no doubt, find plenty of info here and lots of friendly people to answer any questions that arise. And if you've caught the bug like I have, you'll be spending all of your time off wandering around aimlessly in the mountains with your quad in the back of your car searching for the perfect scenery to film. It truly is a inspiring hobby! Have fun and fly safe!

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