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Not Sure If I should Keep It.

Jun 5, 2016
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Well after lugging my Typhoon G up a couple of mountains to use in my films I have captured some nice stuff. However for the weight and several batteries, etc it adds a lot of additional weight to my kit.

The thing I liked about the drone was the ability to remove the legs and Velcro on when needed as well as the lattice arms for attaching to the backpack. Just then use a waterproof rucksack cover to protect it from the elements. Gives a good low profile and when covered doesn't even look like you are carrying a drone.

However the battery life, and weather means I only get a handful of shots that can be used and as such not sure if it is worth using for the footage I want to capture. As above it is a lot of weight to carry for a couple of minutes of footage.

Also bought the wizard which is ok, but trying to land on a small safe bit of land with it up a mountain is scary. Especially when you get unpredictable winds gusting through. To get enough good footage I am also going to need to lug about at least 4 batteries on a trip.

Please note that I am not dissing the drone it is fantastic and works great with the GoPro, just feel it may not be the best solution currently for what I am trying to do. The fact it doesn't have simple settings such as Orbit or point A-B fly by like the Phantom or newer H doesn't help either.

So looks like I will be passing my kit on and waiting a while before I dip my toes in the drone world again. The new H looks amazing but no way on this earth I am lugging that when I document my trips.
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It has simple settings, like POI, CCC and more ! But if it doesn't work for you, then rightly your choice and understood!;)
Thanks for the reply. However are you talking about the H version.

It is the G version I have and have not found such features on the G and seems restricted and limited slightly because of it.

If the G was going to have a software update soon that had similar features to the H then I would persevere and keep it, experimenting further.

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