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OK, I did it! Ordered the 4HAWKS SR Range Extender BUT............

Sep 23, 2018
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Sandy Beaches of Florida
I saw their video on making the internal 5.8 Ghz antenna external. The radio they did this on was a ST16. I have the ST16 with all three antennas present and accounted for. Does this make my radio a ST16 PLUS or PRO???? I don't see a '+' after the 16 like on the ST10's. Is it just that my system is a newer radio because I also have the antenna extenders next to my landing gear?

Anyway, after reading so much on this and reading all the reviews etc. , I ordered a new 4HAWKS Range Extender!!!! I like the distance that I already go with my drone, meaning the 400 feet high, and I travel out LOS at approx. 1000 feet or so. The manual says we can go up to 1.2 miles but I know there will be no line of sight at that distance. I just want to know I have a very secure signal and 'video visual' and I think it looks really cool, not to mention professional looking.

I would still like to hear more on the pros and cons(if any) of using this. I know I'll be scared of losing my drone because I'm trying something new. BUT, I've heard that IF the 'H' loses contact with the radio, it will automatically return to where it came from and land unless just to regain signal. It was cool watching my drone automatically descend and land in front of me while I was doing battery tests at 400 feet because I got greedy..... Now I know that where ever it is when it loses battery power, it lands where it is, and God forbid it's over a lake...

Anyway, I will post my review w/ unpackaging of the 4HAWKS system I bought on Ebay for $120 right here!!

Thanks, Scott


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Dec 25, 2017
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Genesee, MI USA
Your ST16 is version 2 (or ST16+ as it came to be called in the USA). It is electrically the same as the version 1. The difference is the telemetry antenna for the 2.4 GHz RC control (Zigbee transceiver) was brought to the outside instead of having the internal one. You will not have to modify your ST16.

If you do lose the RC connection the AC will loiter for 30 to 60 seconds and will execute an automatic RTH to the last known position of the ST16.

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