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PolarPro ND filter set

Appreciate it. They were on my "list" to go with the new Pro H, and being on sale made it better. I just ordered a set from BB. I'm a member, but I hate their web site.
Thanks again.
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Just looked up to see if they have them in stock at my closest Best Buy. I will be picking up the set in the morning.
Thanks for the info.
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Just noticed........ Need to work on my avatar pic a little bit. My quadcopter videos are a bit better......I hope.
Picked them up yesterday on sale for $29.00 at my local Best Buy. The ND 4 (lightest tint) has a solid build quality and is real glass too. Easier to install and remove than the OEM UV filter. I haven't tested them yet. ND filters are a valuable tool for my Sony Mirrorless cameras and still photography. Remember their purpose is to be able to slow down your shutter speed to 1/60th seconds for smoother video. I hope the same can be said about them on the CGO3.
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