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Problems with landing gear

Mar 24, 2019
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I have just got my typhoon h back from yuneec after requiring some work and an update was done. I flew it and found one of the landing gear just did not retract. i did the upside down test and it does now retract but is when turned the right way just drops down. The left hand side landing gear is loose and doe's not enagage. Would this be a new actuater or is it something else. i called yuneec and they are sending one out but i'm not convinced it is that. It wentin for a repair after a minor crash and thought it would come back all fixed. Also are these easy to install.
Also are these easy to install.
Yeah. No wires, no glue or any complex disassembly to deal with.
1.) Use a 2.0mm hex driver (or Allen wrench) to remove the two hex head screws holding the actuator and antenna tube to the body.
2.) Carefully lift the antenna tube up slightly and lay it on the body without letting the antenna cable slide out. (If you have big thumbs and poor eyesight, threading that antenna cable back into the tube can be the biggest pain of the whole job.)
3.) Pull the actuator straight out with the leg still attached. (It just plugs in)
4.) Use a small (size "0") Phillips screwdriver to remove the one screw holding the leg to the actuator.
5.) Twist the leg back and forth slightly if needed, and remove the leg from the old actuator.
6.) Use a 9 volt battery and jumpers (or similar) across the two outside contacts of the new actuator to move it into the same position as the actuator on the other side of the drone. This may not be needed. And if you don't have a battery and jumpers, use the drone to move the other leg to match the position of the new one. (If you can't bring Moses to the mountain, bring the mountain to Moses.)

Re-assembly is simply the reverse of the process.

There may be some looseness when first installed if the two sides are not perfectly aligned. The system will align them a little closer to each other at each full cycle of the landing gear. Over a series of full cycles they will eventually become perfectly aligned.

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