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Professional Camera for the H?

May 26, 2016
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Are there any professional cameras that can be mounted with the H? Or will there be one specifically for the H in the near future?
It would be nice if Yuneec published the pin-outs for the mount. However, my guess is that there a GND, a PWR, 3 control lines for the gimbal servos, and maybe a data line for the camera. One problem for using a 3rd party camera is the commands from the ST16 to the camera would vary, requiring a change in firmware. I guess it would be too much to ask that the firmware be able to support camera plugins so that others could provide a plugin that is compatible with the camera to be used. I for one, would love to be able have the FC trigger the camera based on distance for better mapping.
Computer games that are published as 'Open Source' often last much longer than those that don't because with a successful game you get a cult of modders and after market add-ons that keep the base game popular.
Perhaps it would work the same way on a drone, if it was easy for skilled modders to create or adapt 3rd party cameras etc. Just a thought
From what I remember of the sales and promo videos from CES Yuneec had said they were designing a gimbal to take other cameras. Issue will be weight limitations.
the copter would have enough power as seen by this vode here:

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It might have enough power but flight times and flight performance would take a hit. I think what they had in mind when they said other options will be available was a thermal camera, that would be an interesting option at this price.
Power ground pwm and tx lines. Labeled on the backside of the little board that has the 6 gold contacts.
nice, the tx somehow are used to program the FC and upload new FW via the SD_Card plugged in into the gimbal camera.
Can you say more about the TX lines what kind of communication Protocol: I2C, SPI, Serial etc?

There you go, they are jumping into the imaging market also. With the TH, H920, and the 500+. They have a good base to set some better cameras on. I know I'm sitting back and watching.
Don't know just read the text on the board when replacing the mounting block. Since its only one line I suspect plain old ttl serial for commands. PWM controls the 2 axis of the gimbal. I2c would require 2 wires and so does spi. Wouldn't need to be that fast either since the camera is capable of transmitting its own video signal and storing the video it shoots. Camera set-up and firmware update sounds about right for the Tx pin.
for those who haven't see the video yet:
This Thermal Camera is really really nice with a real image overlay, nicely done!


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