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Q500 4K Smart mode on the controller not working

Dec 19, 2015
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I was out flying my 4k yesterday and I was showing my buddy why he needs to get one and I was showing him the smart mode and when I clicked on the smart mode the copter just kept hovering where it was and never came back to me until i put it back in angle mode and flew it back. Its worked everytime I have ever used it except yesterday. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Every thing else works FINE., Thanks Brian
In smart mode the machine will not come closer than 26' to pilot.

In smart mode the machine will not come closer than 26' to pilot.

I started the copter the right way and did everything I was supposed to do and it never came back to me. It just froze and stayed where it was when I flipped it to smart mode. It always has worked before.
I think you have SMART Mode confused with Return To Home (HOME) Mode.

In SMART MODE, it will just hover, unless you command it to move. And it moves in relation to your stick inputs regardless of its orientation (where it's pointing).

If I can try to summarize:
ANGLE Mode: Forward right stick flies in the direction of the front (where the camera is pointing).
SMART Mode: Forward right stick causes it to move away from you.
HOME Mode: No stick input required. Rises to 10 meter height (if not already above that) and flies back to you landing about 26' from you.

I must admit you are right and I was wrong. I was doing it incorrectly. I thought the return to home was in the smart mode. Thank you
You must also be careful not to take off to close to to your Q500 in smart mode. If you're to close, at liftoff (without warning) the first thing it's going to do is try to distance itself from you within that 26ft. buffer zone, and you might wind up flying into something or someone causing damage or harm. Been there done that. Always try to takeoff in angle mode and let it get some distance from you before switching to smart mode..........Or just make sure you have proper distance away if you're going to takeoff in smart mode.
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