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Q500+ GPS Lost!(Maintain Manual Flight)

Discussion in 'Q500+ Discussion' started by Savvas, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Savvas

    Sep 16, 2016
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    was flying my Q500+ yesterday when i faced some problems. When I start everything up I have a purple light on my Q500+ but after 5 minutes it starts blinking purple and became unstable. I was hardly trying to control it. I tried to land it and i almost do it when sudenly i video and the message GPS Lost!(Maintain Manual Flight) appear. On my ST10+ I had 13 sattelites...
    After that my Q500 was uncontrolable(Panic Mode ON). It gain height fast and went straight ahead to a tree, broking 3 of 4 propellers.
    The questions are... What do i do now? I don't feel safe flying it again! Will it happen again? Why it was so unstable? Never done this before. What about the propellers? They didn't broke by my mistake but from a mechanical or software problem...
    I already message at YuneecUK and i am on hold of their answer

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