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READ ME !! – Classifieds Posting Guidelines

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To post a classified listing, you’ll need to be a member of YuneecPilots.com for at least 30 days and have at least 10 posts. If you attempt posting your classified listing in another sub-forum to get around the membership time/post count restriction, your post will be deleted and you may be subject to banning, at a moderator's discretion.

This Classifieds section is here to facilitate transactions between individuals only. Post any noteworthy commercial sales you find in the corresponding sub-forum for that Yuneec model. Any commercial postings are subject to immediate deletion... this includes Amazon, eBay and other platforms if the seller is acting as a warehouse distribution agent, and not an individual. In other words, if your listing has a quantity of more than one, do not post it here.

The minimum information any posting should contain is: the model being sold, any accessories... (or if items are missing - an airframe being sold without a camera, for example), a price and your location (country is sufficient) as the seller... so that potential buyers will be able to determine if the installed firmware will operate in their country, as well as make a reasonable estimate of projected shipping cost.

If you cannot be bothered with listing the minimum information requested above or all you do is post a link to your eBay listing, your post will be immediately deleted. Please respect this community enough, to put out the effort to create a new individualized listing.

Do not engage in the practice of bumping a thread in an effort to increase views. This is not permitted as outlined in the Yuneec Pilots Community Guidelines. Your post may be subject to deletion, at a moderator's discretion. The single exception to this, is a lowering of the asking price... as that is in fact, new information.

If selling a complete package, providing flight history via logs, as well as original camera media in both video and photo formats is highly recommended. However ultimately, the responsibility of performing due diligence lies with the buyer.

As well, if you are serious in your interest in a specific item, take it to a conversation with the seller... You will be gaining privacy that both of you will need, in order to establish trust. You will need to exchange some personal information, that is not advisable to post in a open forum.

Instructions on how to start a conversation can be found here:

How To Send a Private Message on this Forum

It is always helpful to modify your post title, to include the word SOLD... once that status change occurs.
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